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Welcome to Sculpin Games

    Sculpin Games is an indie game company out of Portland Oregon. We are trying to bring some fun new games to the tabletop games market. Our first game hit the market December 2016 and is called The Horrible Truth.

    The Horrible Truth is an adult themed party game to be played with 4-10 players; see The Horrible Truth for more information. The Horrible Truth is now for sale on Amazon and in several retail location in the Portland area. If you are a retailer interested in carrying The Horrible Truth please email us and we can make arrangements.

    We are currently play-testing our second game. This game is a 1-4 player strategy game. The rules are simple but the strategy and thinking are anything but. This game will be family friendly with rules for younger players to be able to compete with everyone else. We are planning on running a Kickstarter campaign for it sometime early 2017.

    To get up-to-date information on The Horrible Truth or future games please follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page or you can email us at SculpinGames@gmail.com. Please help support Sculpin Games by helping spread the word on social media or by purchasing The Horrible Truth! From everyone here at Sculpin Games we thank you for all your support!